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High-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton delivers stunning luxury interior designs for private clients & developers

Mixing metals — the rules just changed

Jo's Notebook blog

Luxury inspiration blog direct from the notebook of high-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton

Mixing metals — the rules just changed

Jo Hamilton

I’m often asked about using metal in interior design and I’ve always been a big fan of introducing a metal finish into a room to add an additional texture and tone. The golden rule was to not mix metal finishes but there’s a growing trends towards doing this and I’m saying - scrap that golden rule, I am loving the look of mixed metals!

Mixing softer warm metals such as copper, pale gold and rose gold creates a subtle blend of tones and accents in a room, and when used with a contrast like silver, the result is super cool.

For more impact mix darker metal tones, charcoal, grey or black, which give a strong aesthetic and make the metals a stronger feature of the room.

To keep the metal look pure opt for matt finishes. They will show off the beauty of metal giving it an edgy, raw and authentic feel.