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High-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton delivers stunning luxury interior designs for private clients & developers

Why is it harder to interior design my own home?

Jo's Notebook blog

Luxury inspiration blog direct from the notebook of high-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton

Why is it harder to interior design my own home?

Jo Hamilton

So I have spent the last decade (or two if I’m honest) embracing all things interior design. It’s something I love and think I was born with a passion for. I go to sleep thinking about a colour palette idea from the sunset I saw that day, and wake up thinking about how a comment a client made about an amazing holiday in Italy should be part of the inspiration for their kitchen design I’m working on.

So here I am, moving into a new house, with an exciting blank canvas to furnish and decorate and make my own, and I feel a little foggy on what I want. I think it’s harder to do your own project sometimes. Come on Jo, remember what you do for a living. First things first, let’s get the boxes moved and kettle on.

So as I sip that much-needed cup of tea (I’ll move onto something stronger later, moving is stressful!) while sitting on a removals box my first thoughts turn to sofas. These are such an important feature in your living space.

In a neutral scheme sofas can be the flash of colour, or kept neutral accents can be added through cushions, throws and accessories, and changed over time to refresh and invigorate a room in line with trends, seasons and your mood.

Comfort and style is just as important though. A sofa must do more than look great, we want to be able to curl up after a long day and find comfort, whether it’s a sofa for one or a place for the whole family to come together and relax.

I’m currently drawn to The Sofa & Chair Company London’s Alexander sofa.

Classic comfort, sophistication and style available in a range of colours and wood finishes. They offer a bespoke service and I’m thinking about having this style made into a corner sofa in a grey or pastel colour finish.

Lots to think about, so stay tuned as I bring you regular updates from my very own, very personal, interior design project. Right, where’s that box with the wine glasses in.