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64A Belsize Lane
London, England, NW3 5BJ
United Kingdom


High-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton delivers stunning luxury interior designs for private clients & developers

Become your own interior design expert

Jo's Notebook blog

Luxury inspiration blog direct from the notebook of high-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton

Become your own interior design expert

Jo Hamilton

A few years ago I got to a stage where people were asking me almost daily if I offered any kind of training course to help them learn the interior design skills needed to develop their own projects.

I decided to run a trial ‘Masterclass’ to share my knowledge and tips and in doing so, discovered a sea of people itching to design their own interiors but having no idea where to start.

They loved it, I loved it and my interior design Masterclasses were born. Since then I've been running one and two day courses pretty much every month from London’s renowned Sanderson Hotel. It’s a part of my work that I really look forward to. Every course is such a fun and always hugely rewarding.

I have shaped my courses to be a pretty rounded introduction into every aspect of the design process, combining my passion for colour theory, balancing patterns and textures, creating an atmosphere, space planning and ergonomics.

My aim is for every student to come away with a sound base in interior design and able to create their own designs, either for their homes or as a first step into a new career.

On a one-day course I take you step by step through the various stages you need to design your own interior with confidence, learning how to use colour, choose the right furniture, plan your space, design your lighting, and pull it all together successfully. I also explain some of the most common and often costly mistakes that can be made and how to avoid them.

Going into the two-day course I work with the class as they produce their own design schemes under my expert guidance, putting into practice all the basics from day one and advancing to turning this into a complete samples board and flooring plan. The room becomes awash with creativity and it’s great when all the designs are shared at the end of the day.

The classes are run in small groups. I keep the numbers below 10 to ensure a personal experience, and the mix of attendees always fascinates me. I have people fly in from an array of countries and a complete mix of ages, sexes and abilities.

Some participants come along with a specific project they are planning, some are just getting a taster for interior design to elevate their career, and others just want to gain new skills, experiences and meet new people.

I was so flattered when an undercover journalist from a leading magazine came along and went on to describe my course as the ‘ultimate in home education’.

I’ve just confirmed my next run of course dates, all taking place at Sanderson London.

September 10th (one day), 10th/11th (two day)

November 12th (one day), 12th/13th (two day)

February 18th (one day), 18th/19th (two day)

The courses make a great gift. I often get people attend who have just moved into a new property and family or friends have bought them the course as a moving in gift with a difference. Such a lovely idea. Giving the course as a birthday or Christmas gift is also popular.

Everyone leaves with a comprehensive manual covering everything I covered during the course.

If you are interested in attending one of my masterclasses you can find out more and book by clicking here.