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High-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton delivers stunning luxury interior designs for private clients & developers

Three design essentials to give your interior a professional edge

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Luxury inspiration blog direct from the notebook of high-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton

Three design essentials to give your interior a professional edge

Jo Hamilton

Interior design is all about individual taste and style, as well as following the latest trends, and I am always one to encourage that a scheme should reflect your personality or theme inspiration.

However, there are three important aspects of any room set which play an essential role in elevating a scheme from a pleasing one, to one which has that professional touch.

Here are my three expert designer tips on getting that professional look.


Nothing adds warmth, comfort and style to a room more effortlessly than a mix of natural textures. Create layers introducing a mix of linen, coir, wood, rugs & soft textured finishes — don’t overthink uniformity. The natural elements of each texture will create a subtle blend that oozes an authentic coolness.


I am obsessed with colour and how a palette can come together and transform a room into a visual delight. But the first bit of advice I give anyone is less is more, don’t go overboard with colour. The skill of an elegant, classy and professional looking scheme is one which embraces a key colour reference, which can be used in varying tones, to add a hero colour into a calm and neutral base.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing their home is to neglect their lighting, with a tendency to focus on central lighting and side lamps alone to illuminate the space. But in today’s world of lighting technology that is only just the beginning. One of the best ways you can give a room a final designer edge is through creating atmospheric lighting.

It’s a chance to enhance entrances, features, create zones and play with the mood of your room, whether you want to create a welcoming and social atmosphere or a calm and cosy hideaway. LED tape lighting is a simple and effective way to add light to everything from stairs to shelving units, walls and artwork.

So whatever the space, and whatever the trend or style you are aiming for, paying a little more attention to texture, colour and lighting will give your room that designer edge wow factor.